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What is Conflict Management

  • Non- adversarial alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
  • Adaptive resources that allow you to choose the method that best fits the dispute, corresponding needs and expected outcomes
  • Combines good management with dispute resolution methods to provide an overall system of good governance
  • Utilises interest based negotiations to build trust and a sense of mutual problem solving
  • Provides preventative measures and helps establish norms for communication

satisfied customers

  • Testimonial #2
    Gayle Thomas, Board Member - NGO

    It was great to have an "outsider" analyse the conflict in my new position. I received support in implementing new skills which enabled me to diffuse potential uncomfortable... Gayle Thomas Board Member - NGO

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  • Testimonial #1
    Mr Michael Jenner, NGO Program Manager

    What a great set of tools. My skills went quickly up a notch with outstanding results. My stress was off the chart every morning but now, my... Mr Michael Jenner NGO Program Manager

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