Benefits of Collaboration

Choosing to adopt a collaborative approach to conflict resolution provides you with the opportunity to find creative solutions, build and maintain relationships and foster ownership over solutions in others. Being a collaborator means you are not alone in producing satisfactory conflict management outcomes. This increases the likelihood of finding the best possible solution and therefore…
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Pathways to Resolution

The diversity of conflict situations necessitates varied avenues that can accommodate interests, rights and power based pathways to resolution. However it is imperative to use conflict resolution methods that facilitate an understanding and bridging of interests and collaborative problem solving to prevent entrenched positions that lead to costly and time consuming pathways to resolution. It…
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Cost of Conflict

Workplace conflict resolution research suggests managers are spending up to 42% of their time addressing conflict situations which equates to billions of dollars in paid hours. Research also shows that conflict in the workplace is detrimental to employee’s physical and emotional health and subsequently negatively affects worker productivity, staff absenteeism and retention, stress levels and…
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