Brief Intervention

Conflict Management Brief Intervention Workshop

Learn the five basic steps to stop everyday workplace conflicts from becoming destructive conflict crisis.
Let us help you facilitate and motivate change with a quick and effective workshop designed to address problematic conflict management behaviour. Participants will learn how to increase the capacity for conflict to generate positive change and growth, personally and professionally.


The Conflict Management Brief Intervention Workshop will allow participants to experience practical exercises that reflect crucial conflict choices. Through case studies, discussion, worksheets and a manual, participants are able to translate conflict resolution material to the real world.

Understand how to prevent conflict from becoming crisis

  • 1. Understand what gets in the way of resolution. Remove obstacles in your path that incite conflict and prevent you from reaching your goals.
  • 2. Participate in constructive conversations. Rather than escalate perceived personality clashes.
  • 3. Diffuse intense emotions and tension. Deescalate situations by removing triggers for defensive or aggressive behaviours and learn how to help people hear you.

Conflict management skill acquisition

  • How to recognise the effect of personality and value clashes
  • How to define the core conflict issue and determine what is motivating behaviour
  • How to separate the people from the problem

Benefits of understanding conflict dynamics

  • You will be able to understand the contributing factors that escalate conflict situations
  • You can use your skills to help yourself and others communicate their needs rather than justify their positions
  • You will be able to ask the right questions to facilitate resolution

Benefits to your career and workplace

  • You will be able to facilitate honest, collaborative discussions that lead to conflict resolution
  • You will be able to shift conflict from a destructive to a constructive component of your life and work
  • Learning to search for unmet needs to explain behaviour greatly increases the likelihood of finding satisfactory and effective solutions


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