Common Fears

“Vulnerability is not weakness…Vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage”

Brene Brown


The fears we have listed are common and normal. For most people, dealing with conflict is confronting and difficult. The key is to work through your concerns and fears so that it doesn’t impede your progress towards your goals. It takes courage and strength to address these issues and engage in conflict resolution.

Common fears related to difficult conversations or expressing yourself

  • Losing control
  • Damaging the relationship
  • Giving in
  • Repercussions
  • Getting upset and not being able to talk
  • Feeling worse afterwards
  • Being overwhelmed by others emotions or reactions
  • Shutting down
  • Getting angry
  • Changing the relationship dynamic
  • Not being able to stay calm
  • Stirring everything up without finding a way forward
  • Showing vulnerability
  • Being verbally attacked or bullied
  • Not worth it because will only come up with unsustainable or unsatisfactory outcomes
  • Doing or saying something you will regret
  • Information revealed will be used against you
  • Not being heard
  • Not being understood

The good news is these common fears can be overcome with the help of a coach.

“Courage is like…a habit…you get it by courageous acts.” 

Brene Brown