Conflict Coaching

Learn interlinking strategies and skills that provide a framework to prevent, manage and resolve conflict

Are you tired of dealing with stressful conflict issues at work?

If the answer is yes then it’s time to stop paying the cost of conflict. Through conflict coaching you can learn to transform conflict from destructive to constructive. You don't have to overcome chronic conflict workplaces on your own. Through a supportive and confidential coaching process you can learn how to be collaborative and create a respectful and productive workplace.

Improve your ability to understand the underlying causes of conflict and reduce the impact of challenging clients, colleagues or bosses. Work through barriers that are preventing resolution and gain confidence in your ability to manage difficult situations.

Gain support

Conflict resolution and effective communication are challenging when your resources are low. Gain support and help during performance management situations, preparing for mediation or other stressful times to find the most effective way forward.

Find alternatives to grievance and legal proceedings

Gain competency in resolving issues before differences of opinion, miscommunication, misunderstandings and personality clashes become costly and time consuming problems.

Conflict Solutions

  • 1. Learn early conflict intervention strategies. Stop conflict from becoming a crisis with the help of a conflict coach.
  • 2. Improve your conflict and communication skills. Learn how to reduce unhelpful reactions to conflict and communicate effectively in a supported environment.
  • 3. Enhance you ability to deliver the most effective solutions and outcomes.Through coaching learn the steps to creating an environment that is conducive to strengthening relationships and problem solving.

Skill development through conflict coaching

  • Learn the skills necessary to deescalate conflict situations
  • Learn how to restore and strengthen workplace relationships
  • Understand conflict dynamics
  • Gain confidence in applying a wide range of resolution tools

Benefits to your career and workplace

  • Change the way you engage in conflict and difficult situations
  • Reduce your stress levels and the effect of conflict on your health and well being
  • Develop organisational wide conflict responses and communication goals
  • Create opportunities to learn and grow from conflict situations

Prevention and intervention strategies

  • Understand and manage the source of disputes and tension rather than focus on the symptoms of conflict
  • Be able to determine what divides and what unites people
  • Work through and discuss intervention options to find the most appropriate and effective conflict resolution tool for the situation
  • Learn low cost, high reward prevention strategies so that conflict doesn't become a crisis



  • 90 minute initial session - $150.00
  • Follow up sessions - $120.00
  • Discounted session packages available
  • We come to you at your workplace or designated location
  • Option to have workshops delivered one on one
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