Performance Management

Conflict Coaching for your staff in performance management circumstances.

Improving an employee’s overall contribution to the organization can be stressful and time consuming. Through coaching and training strategies we are able to assist mangers to plan, monitor and review an employee’s work objectives in relation to communication and interpersonal skills and conflict resilience and resolution.

Performance objectives aided by Conflict Coaching

  • 1. Ascertain the skills, knowledge and competencies that require improvement.Ensure your intervention targets your performance goals and helps the employee reach their full potential.
  • 2. Identify and remove barriers. Through a supportive and collaborative process we can help employees understand and overcome barriers that may be preventing them from achieving workplace goals and performance objectives.
  • 3. Establish action plans for improving performance. Through conflict coaching we can help you monitor and measure performance and set effective communication and conflict resolution goals.

Benefits to you

  • Receive help to set objectives, assess progress and provide feedback to ensure that employees are meeting their objectives and goals
  • Improve communication between employers and employees
  • Reduce your stress and risk of burnout while dealing with performance management issues
  • Be coached through the implementation of interventions or employ a conflict coach to apply communication and conflict resolution interventions

Outcome Advantages

  • Create partnerships and healthy working relationships rather than enemies in negotiation
  • Effectively resolve the problem to reduce the likely of reoccurrence and costly destabilising dynamics within the organisation
  • Ensure employees become collaborators to problem solving rather than an opponents
  • Address the underlying driving forces behind conflict rather than deal with the symptoms of unresolved conflict

Benefits to your workplace

  • Improve employee effectiveness and develop opportunities to improve skills and performance
  • Help employees understand and align with organisational goals, strategic directions and culture
  • Encourage self-assessment and self-analysis to combat denial and blaming of others
  • Use conflict coaching to provide direction, guidance and support to you and your employees



  • Coaching can be conducted at any stage in the performance management process and can involve the employer or the employee
  • Please contact us to gain a quote to meet your reporting and intervention requirements
  • Location: We come to you at your workplace or to a location designated by you. Currently only available on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
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