Conflict Workshops

Conflict Navigation

Learn how to create a collaborative workplace, prevent conflict escalation and establish resolution strategies.

Effective Communication

Change your workplace conflict culture and learn how to repair and strengthen your workplace relationships.

Conflict Assessment

Analyse how you react to conflict and understand what motivates and maintains your conflict responses.

Conflict Barriers

Identify and understand common conflict obstacles in the workplace and learn how to remove barriers to resolution.

Conflict Management Brief Intervention

Learn the five basic steps to stop everyday workplace conflicts from becoming destructive conflict crisis.

In House Training

We come to you. In house training eliminates your travel costs, reduces the time required off-line and allows us to drastically reduce the per person cost to services.
  • Practical Real World Exercises

    All workshops allow participants to experience practical exercises that reflect crucial conflict choices. Through case studies, discussion, worksheets, exercises and take home manuals participants are able to translate conflict resolution material to the real world. Therefore theory and best...

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  • Tailored to meet your specific needs

    All workshops can be adjusted to accommodate the size of the group, the type of conflict situations encountered at work, the intervention goals and the target audience. All workshops can also be conducted in a one-on-one setting,...

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  • Professional Development

    Participation in any of the Conflict Management workshops contributes to your professional development. The skills and strategies outlined in the workshop will aid in removing barriers to your career advancement by facilitating understanding of how to work collaboratively with...

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