Conflict Barriers

Remove barriers to resolution

Analyse what is truly causing and maintaining the conflict. Shift the focus away from personality clashes and divergent positions so that hidden needs and causes of the conflict can be discovered. Learn to uncover the wealth of information that lies beneath the initial conflict reaction.

Understand the cause of conflict

  • 1. Understand what gets in the way of resolution. Remove obstacles in your path that incite conflict and prevent you from reaching your goals .
  • 2. Discover the true source of Conflict. Analyse what is truly causing and maintaining the conflict rather than continuing to attack or defend.
  • 3. Learn how to map the conflict. Define and understand the core issues that need resolving.

Conflict resolution skill acquisition

  • How to overcome personality and value clashes
  • How to define the core issue and determine what is motivating behaviour
  • How to design options and find the most effective solutions
  • How to separate the people from the problem

Benefits of understanding barriers

  • You will be able to understand all the dynamics that contribute to the conflict situation
  • You will know how to work together on designing a solution that meets the needs of all parties
  • You can use your skills to help yourself and others communicate their needs rather than justify their positions
  • You will be able to ask the right questions to facilitate resolution

Benefits to your career and workplace

  • You will be able to facilitate honest, collaborative discussions regarding the true source of conflict
  • You will know how to remove barriers that are preventing understanding between conflict parties
  • You will be able to shift conflict from a destructive to a constructive component of your life and work
  • Learning to search for unmet needs to explain behaviour greatly increase the likelihood of finding satisfactory and effective solutions


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