Effective Communication

Change your workplace conflict culture

Engage in conflict resolution rather than conflict conservation. The more you are resisting a conversation the more it probably needs to happen. Choose to express your needs in a way that can be understood and increase the likelihood of achieving resolution. Learn effective communication skills to change the conflict dynamic from defence and attack to expression and understanding.
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Strengthen workplace relationships

  • 1. Communicate with clarity and honesty. Give yourself the best chance of being heard and understood.
  • 2. Diffuse intense emotions and tension. Learn how to deescalate situations and remove triggers for defensive or aggressive behaviours.
  • 3. Build trust. Communicate without blame or aggression and in a way that is congruent with your core values.

Conflict resolution skill acquisition

  • How to listen effectively and encourage others to so the same
  • How to express what you need
  • How to be collaborative
  • How to set boundaries without alienating people or escalating conflict
  • Learn to communicate your emotions without communicating emotionally

Benefits of effective communication skills

  • You will be able to take the focus away from positions or mental constructs that are inhibiting resolution
  • You will know how to stay focussed on the problem not the people or personalities
  • You can use your skills to help people become collaborators to problem solving rather than an opponents
  • You will the skills to address the underlying emotions driving conflict resolution strategies and responses
  • You will be able to participate in constructive conversations rather than escalate perceived personality clashes

Benefits to your career and workplace

  • Learning and applying effective communication skills creates respectful and efficient workplaces
  • Less tension in the workplace improves morale and productivity
  • Effective communication will allow you to design options to reframe conflict as an opportunity to make positive changes
  • Learning to communicate effectively increases the likelihood that you will be heard and understood
  • Improving you interpersonal skills increases your ability to effectively problem solve and therefore enhances your career advancement prospects


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