Reduce your return to work stress

The Challenge

Returning to work after an absence can be difficult, when the absence is due to conflict related issues there are many compounding factors that can influence your return to work experience.

As you prepare to go back to work it’s normal and common to be struggling with reduced self-worth, embarrassment about returning to work, worry about your ability to do the job, discomfort over how your colleagues may respond to your return and a lack of confidence in general that causes pervasive negative thoughts and feels about returning to a demanding workplace environment. It’s also difficult to hold onto your sense of identity and purpose during an absence from work. All these factors combine to make returning to work a uniquely stressful and challenging situation.

The Solution

Through conflict coaching we can help you develop an action plan for stressful situations and unresolved conflict. We can also help improve your ability to rebuild or repair working relationships as well as strategies to manage triggers and build your emotional resilience and self-esteem. Conflict coaching can also help you increase your sense of purpose and meaning in the workplace and therefore overall job satisfaction.

Through a supportive and collaborative process we can help you understand and overcome barriers that may be preventing you from achieving workplace goals and performance objectives. Therefore enabling you to return to work with a sense on control and self-determination.

Why use conflict coaching

You don't have to overcome chronic conflict workplaces on your own.

The aim of conflict coaching is to provide you with conflict prevention and intervention strategies that will help you understand and manage the source of disputes and tension. This will allow you to change your conflict responses and reduce the emotional cost of stress in the workplace.

Improving your conflict resolution skills also allows you to address the underlying driving forces behind conflict rather than deal with the symptoms of unresolved conflict. Conflict coaching will provide you with direction, guidance and support to create an environment that is conducive to strengthening relationships and problem solving.
Learn how to transform conflict situations from destructive to constructive and therefore reduce the effect of workplace disputes on your health and well-being.

We can help you

  • Overcome common fears
  • Reduce  your stress
  • Increase your confidence 
  • Gain conflict competency
  • Develop coping strategies


  • 90 minute initial session - $150.00
  • Follow up sessions - $120.00
  • Discounted session packages available
  • We come to you at your designated location
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