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Conflict Resolution Tools

Pathways to Forgiveness

If you desire the capacity to forgive it’s okay to treat it like a marathon rather than a sprint. Allow yourself time to build up the emotional muscles required. Reading this manual is the first step to building those muscles as well as externalising and gaining control over negative and harmful emotions.

Give yourself permission to progress through hurt, trauma and pain at your own pace and find the path to forgiveness that is right for you, based on your needs, not the agenda of others.

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Improving Your Self Esteem

Shame to Fame

This manual is a step by step guide to acknowledging and transforming shame. Shame does not have to be a part of your life. As a counsellor I have seen firsthand the detrimental effect of shame. I tell my clients the road from shame to fame is paved with bricks of kindness. If you have the courage to be yourself, that makes you a star and it will inspire others to do the same.

It is not easy but it is worthwhile. You have the power to reduce your vulnerability by changing your shame... To fame.

Bank It

Want to improve your opinion of yourself? This manual has been designed to clarify and simplify psychological theory to help you learn how to value yourself. The Bank It manual is designed to build up your self-esteem muscles in an achievable and realistic way. This will help you trust in your ability to cope with problems and challenges, respect yourself and reduce anxiety. It is realistic to take control over the way you view the world, your life and yourself.

This is your chance to experience a unique and practical self-esteem tool that really works. It’s time to decide you are worthy.

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Reducing Burnout

Anti-Anxiety Tools

The anti-anxiety manual provides you with simple and effective tools to distract yourself from worry or anxious thoughts.

The more you practice them the more it will strengthen your belief in your ability to cope with panic or anxiety attacks in any situation.

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The Hope Challenge

When the inevitable difficult times occur having hope will greatly increase the likelihood of developing and maintaining healthy avenues to cope and move through distress. Hope provides protection against being stuck in the past or trapped in the vicious cycle of negative and pessimistic thinking.

Challenge destructive thinking and attitudes and find a way to embrace optimism and restore hope in your life

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Effective Communication

Saying No - How To Be Assertive

This manual will introduce you to effective communication skills. You will find exercises and examples that will help you with the difficult process of saying “no” to people.

Learn how to communicate your needs in difficult or highly emotional situations.



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