How do you reintegrate your staff after stress or conflict related absences?

The Challenge

Without professional help to improve an employee’s conflict competence and address the underlying driving forces behind the dispute, an employee’s return to work may reignite or escalate the original problem.

Research suggests workplace conflict is a greater source of stress than critical incidents such as physical abuse. Therefore reducing chronic stress in the workplace is vital to reducing withdrawal behaviours such as lateness, absenteeism and turnover.

The Solution

Rather than deal with the symptoms of unresolved conflict you can use Conflict Management Resources to provide your staff with direction, guidance and support.

Providing return to work support to your employees will help decrease chronic stress and psychological strain and increase commitment, productivity, job satisfaction, and improve the employee - employer partnership.

Conflict coaching prior to an employee’s return to work will also help resolve the problem to reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence and costly destabilising dynamics within the organisation.

Help your employees gain competency in resolving issues before differences of opinion, miscommunication, misunderstandings and personality clashes become costly and time consuming problems.

Why use conflict coaching

Through conflict coaching an employee can learn interlinking strategies and skills that provide a framework to prevent, manage and resolve conflict. This will enhance their ability to deescalate tension and stress in the workplace and deliver the most effective solutions and outcomes.

Through conflict coaching we can enhance employee well-being and therefore aid in decreasing sick leave, conflict related grievance procedures and stress related compensation claims as well as staff turnover.

We can help your staff

  • Develop conflict resolution skills
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce Burnout
  • Gain conflict competency
  • Deescalate tension


  • 90 minute initial session - $150.00
  • Follow up sessions - $120.00
  • Discounted session packages available
  • We come to you at your designated location
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