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Transform your workplace.

Increase the capacity for conflict to generate positive change and growth personally and professionally.

End the destructive cycle of miscommunication, misunderstandings and personality clashes and foster collaborative relationships instead of competing adversaries.


Reduce the cost of conflict

Conflict is inevitable. Negative consequences as a result of conflict are not inevitable. Challenging or difficult clients, colleagues or employees do not have to lead to ongoing conflict if you are prepared to explore barriers to resolution.

Change your workplace conflict culture

Learn how to respond to non collaboration from others. Determine conflict responses and communication patterns that require intervention. Explore how to behave and communicate in a way that is congruent with your personal and organisational core values.

The diversity of conflict situations necessitates varied avenues that can accommodate interests, rights and power based pathways to resolution. However it is imperative to use conflict resolution methods that facilitate an understanding and bridging of interests and collaborative problem solving to prevent entrenched positions that lead to costly and time consuming pathways to resolution.

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