Resolution Manual

Overcome Chronic Conflict Workplaces

Are you always having the same argument with your colleagues?
Do you keep encountering the same problem or difficult personality type at work no matter what department or organisation you work for?

If the answer is yes then it’s time to stop using band aids on your problems and start applying conflict resolution methods to heal rifts permanently.
This manual takes you through the steps necessary to achieve long term resolutions to problems and conflict situations so that you are not dealing with them over and over again.

Improve your conflict resolution strategies by learning how to skilfully resolve conflicts and create a collaborative workplace. You no longer have to be content with avoiding, denying or compromising in conflict situations you can develop skills that will facilitate long lasting resolution and effective problem solving. End the destructive cycle of miscommunication, misunderstandings and personality clashes and foster collaborative relationships instead of competing adversaries.

Reduce the cost of conflict

Conflict is inevitable. Negative consequences as a result of conflict are not inevitable. Challenging or difficult clients, colleagues or employees do not have to lead to ongoing conflict if you are prepared to explore barriers to resolution.

Change your workplace conflict culture

Learn how to respond to non collaboration from others. Determine conflict responses and communication patterns that require intervention. Explore how to behave and communicate in a way that is congruent with your personal and organisational core values.

Learn and understand all the pathways to resolution

The Conflict Navigation Manual includes a wide variety of resolution tools as well as preventative measures and an in depth analysis of the contributing factors to workplace tension, stress and conflict. You can take a sneak peek at the Table of Contents and sample of the manual by clicking here. 

Conflict Solutions

  • 1. Understand the cause of the conflict. Stop the destructive cycle of conflict responses by identifying the true source and underlying emotions and cognitions driving conflict and influencing resolution.
  • 2. Gain insight into your conflict responses. Overcome the effect of subjective perception and emotions that cloud the way a message is conveyed and received.
  • 3. Transform your workplace. Increase the capacity for conflict to generate positive change and growth personally and professionally.



Conflict resolution skill acquisition

  • Learn how to understand your response to conflict in the workplace and how to manage your habitual conflict reactions
  • Develop skills to participate in constructive conversations rather than escalate perceived personality clashes
  • Understand how to communicate your emotions without communicating emotionally
  • Learn how to elicit information that will help opposing parties understand each other and  move forward
  • Analyse and understand all the dynamics that contribute to the conflict situation and inform intervention decisions
  • Discover how to let go of negative emotions affecting your ability to resolve conflict effectively
  • Learn how to inject integrity and empathy into your conflict responses and separate the people from the problem to achieve your desired outcomes
  • Improve your ability to define the core issue and determine what is motivating inappropriate behaviour
  • Understand how to collaboratively design options and find the most effective solutions
  • Develop strategies to help you set boundaries without alienating people or escalating conflict

Benefits of resolution strategies

  • Establish a set of tools to that can be applied across a wide range of conflict situations
  • Apply strategies to help you communicate in a way that increases the likelihood of being heard and understood
  • Improve your conflict outcomes by reducing the impact of conflict triggers and emotional buttons
  • Develop confidence in your ability to define the core issues and emotions driving conflict and implement early intervention strategies before conflict becomes a crisis
  • Facilitate partnerships in problem solving rather than enemies in negotiation
  • Use conflict assessment to drive effective prevention measures and conflict resolution responses
  • Address the underlying emotions driving conflict resolution strategies and responses
  • Develop skills to help yourself and others communicate their needs rather than justify their positions
  • Uncover skills to take the focus away from positions or mental constructs that are inhibiting resolution
  • Understand how to participate in constructive conversations and stay focussed on the problem not the people or personalities

Benefits to your career and workplace

  • Apply highly effective communication skills to create respectful and efficient workplaces
  • Implement strategies to gain commitments from others to achieve your desired result
  • Apply conflict resolution strategies and tools to reduce tension in your workplace and therefore improve morale and productivity
  • Effective communication will allow you to design options to reframe conflict as an opportunity to make positive changes
  • Improving you interpersonal skills also increases your ability to effectively problem solve and therefore enhances your career advancement prospects
  • The core components of the Dimension Model of Conflict, Choice Theory and the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode are transferrable skills to all areas of your work life
  • Establish strategies to reduce the cost of conflict in the workplace and set appropriate intervention and communication standards for the future
  • Understand the dynamics of conflict and tension in the workplace to improve your conflict outcomes and reduce your risk of burnout
  • Incorporate best practice resolution tools to shift conflict from a destructive to a constructive component of your life and work

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